Photos from my Expeditions Around the World.


Yukon Summer 2012

Mountain View

Logan Mountains © Dale Shaw 2012

A bit behind here on posts. Here are some images from the summer in the Yukon Territories. I worked three courses this summer most of these pictures are from hiking in the Logan mountains on a  YHC canoeing and hiking course. The first few pictures are from the Yukon Instructor Course and I did not bring my camera for my hiking trip with Waseda University.

Relaxing After the Portage

Relaxing After the Portage © Dale Shaw 2012

Monks Hood

Monks Hood © Dale Shaw 2012

Mosquitos on the Macneil River © Dale Shaw 2012
Mosquitos on the Macneil River © Dale Shaw 2012

Hiking in Boulders © 2012

Hiking in Boulders © 2012

At The Summit © Dale Shaw 2012

At The Summit © Dale Shaw 2012



Leaving Ontario

I finally sold my house in Ontario and I’m moving to BC! Here are some photos from my time in Ontario. The dead moose is from a winter Project Dare trip in Algonquin Park. The eagle is from Wabikimi. Ed with his dogs on a day dogsledding near Algonquin Park and near where I lived. The last three shots are from the Petawawa River on an Outward Bound ELFS trip I was Instructing.

Half Eaten Moose in Algonquin Park © Dale Shaw 2004

Bald Eagle in Wabikimi © Dale Shaw 2003

Dog Sledding © Dale Shaw 2007

Big Thompson Rapid Solo © Dale Shaw 2008

Big Thompson Tandem © Dale Shaw 2008

Petawawa River © Dale Shaw 2008

Dillon Cone

I just finished a 31 day hike in the southern alps of New Zealand. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera as I did not have a good waterproof system for it. Here instead are some pictures from climbing Dillon Cone a 2100m peak on the Clarence River in the inland Kaikora Range. The yellow plants in these pictures are Broom an Invasive species in New Zealand. There are more trees close to the divide of the alps where I was hiking but these pictures give a good idea of what its like to hike in NZ. I’m on my way to Canada in 2 days so I’ll see some of you soon.

Stopping for a Break © Dale Shaw 2009

Walking up the Mountain © Dale Shaw 2011

Clarence River with broom in Flower © Dale Shaw 2011

Walking Back to Camp © Dale Shaw 2011

Off the River

Here are some more pictures from various trips down the Clarence River that do not involve paddling. A bit of camping, a bit of teaching and a bit of Tapuae-o-Uenuku.

Learning to Cook © Dale Shaw 2011


Knot of the Day © Dale Shaw 2010


Inland Kaikora Range © Dale Shaw 2009


Break Time, Tapuae-o-Uenuku in the Background © Dale Shaw 2009

Last Night on the Beach, Southern Cross in the Background © Dale Shaw 2010



Clarence River Paddling

Just got back from yet another trip by canoe down the Clarence river in the north east of the south island of New Zealand. One of the reasons I started this blog is because I have never really been able to describe to people what it is that I do. This Post is going to be focused on pictures about paddling down this river. So these pictures are of paddling, lining and some of the sights from a boat between the Inland and Seaward Kaikora ranges of New Zealand. More Posts about the Clarence before I go hiking next week.

Driving for an eddy © Dale Shaw 2010

The upper gorge in low water © Dale Shaw 2009

Lining © Dale Shaw 2010

Students practicing © Dale Shaw 2010



Green River

Here are a few pictures from my NOLS trips from 2007 -2010 down Desolation and Lodore Canyons in Utah and Colorado. All the courses are combination raft kayak except for in 2007 on my Instructor Course where we also had canoes.

Moon rise on Deso © Dale Shaw 2007

Sand Wash © Dale Shaw 2009

Storm on Deso © Dale Shaw 2010

Mike on the Green © Dale Shaw 2007

Running Triplet © Dale Shaw 2010

Rock at Echo Park © Dale Shaw 2010

Flood on the Drysdale

In March and April 2011 I Instructed on a 40 day trip down the Drysdale River in Australia. One of the highlights of this trip was a flood we experienced during a tropical depression. The river rose 10 – 15 metres over the course of three days of solid rain. We had to wake up at 2 in the morning and pack up as our camp was flooded out. Here are some photos from that event.

Packing Canoes in the Night © Dale Shaw 2011

In the Morning © Dale Shaw 2011

Moving Down River © Dale Shaw 2011

River Wide Hole © Dale Shaw 2011

After the Flood © Dale Shaw 2011

Wildlife on the Drysdale

In March and April of 2010 and 2011 I Instructed on the Drysdale River in the Kimberley region of Australia for NOLS. The Kimberley is one of the most remote places I’ve been and the creatures out there were incredible. This post highlights some of the wildlife I saw out there.

Gould's Goanna © Dale Shaw 2010

Golden Orb Spider © Dale Shaw 2010

Crocodile © Dale Shaw 2010

Bats 1 © Dale Shaw 2010

Bats 2 © Dale Shaw 2010

Mertans Water Monitor © Dale Shaw 2011

Student with Croc © Dale Shaw 2011

Instructor Development Program 2007

Over new years I went to Anna and Ernie’s wedding up in Motueka on the south island of New Zealand. I don’t have any pictures of their wedding, but they did meet on a course I instructed. So I figured the next best thing was to post some pictures from that course. The course was in the spring of 2007 and was an Outward Bound Canada instructor development program. The swift water rescue pictures are taken at Garvin’s Chute on the Ottawa River. We were practicing live bait rescues.  The expedition was on the Harricanaw River in Northern Quebec.

Fetch © Dale Shaw 2007

Anna Dives © Dale Shaw 2007

Hole on the Ottawa © Dale Shaw 2007

Storm Approaching © Dale Shaw 2007

Paddling on the Harricanaw © Dale Shaw 2007

Sun on Water © Dale Shaw 2007

Check In © Dale Shaw 2007

Yukon 2011

These are some pictures from my NOLS courses this summer in the Yukon Territories. It was my first time working out of Whitehorse and a great summer. On the First course I instructed on a 24 day backpacking course in the Coast Mountains With the Yukon Semester. On the Second I hiked in the Logan Mountains and paddled down the Hyland River instructing a 28 day combo course.

Ruote Finding in the Coast Mountains © Dale Shaw 2011

Above the Clouds © Dale Shaw 2011

In the Alpine © Dale Shaw 2011

Relaxing at Camp © Dale Shaw 2011